Facebook Page Essentials

Deltina Hay

Course Description

Create an impressive Facebook Page while learning methods and tactics to make your page a tool for business success.

Facebook Profiles are for People | Facebook PAGES are for BUSINESS

Facebook is still the most popular social networking site out there, with over one billion registered users. And research shows that over 40% of Facebook users actually want to connect with businesses on Facebook. But to reach this audience, you need to meet them on their turf; and creating a Facebook Page for your business or organisation is the way to do that.

A Facebook Business Page can help you reach and connect with your target audience within the Facebook platform. And this condensed and comprehensive course will get you up and running using Facebook Pages to their full potential in no time.

The Expert

Deltina is the author of The Social Media Survival Guide, The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web, and The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the New Search Optimization. She is a veteran Web developer, publisher, and a pioneer of social media and online marketing, especially as it applies to small business and the publishing industry. Deltina developed and taught the graduate, social media certificate program for Drury University. Her first book, The Social Media Survival Guide, is used as a text in countless colleges and universities, worldwide. This book was one of the first comprehensive books on social media tools, tactics, and strategies, and is soon to be released in its third edition.

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