Instagram followers are more than just bragging rights, they could be the sales funnel you're missing out on. Have you ever come across an account and thought how did they get so many Instagram followers so quickly? It's not by chance that's for sure.

Building your Instagram followers has a few key benefits. However, it's not just a numbers game, the quality of the followers is also of great importance. Let's look at the main reasons why you should spend a few minutes a day looking to increase your Instagram followers as a freelancer. 


Employers are starting to look at a freelancer's social standing before they make their decision on who to hire. Imagine a new designer has to shoot a collection. The first thing they do is post a job for a fashion team. Not only do they want the collection to be shot beautifully but they want the world to see the images too. Hiring a team who have thousands of Instagram followers is going to give them a guaranteed blast of free publicity to an engaged audience. If it's a close call between two candidates, the freelancer with the most Instagram followers takes it.


Freelancers are always looking at ways to generate new sales and build their client list. Many would question why Instagram followers would make any difference when the platform doesn't support link backs that make it tricky to drive traffic to your site but think about it, Instagram is the perfect visual platform to show off your work. Should one of your Instagram followers like what they see, they can DM you or leave a comment. Make sure to dip into Instagram at least once a day to check who's talking to you and talk back. It's not a one way street either, it's important to you engage with others too and have a valid opinion on what you see. 


Getting scouted on Instagram is not just for models, it's become a great resource for art directors and agencies to find talent. Even at a test shoot level your Instagram followers will look to the platform for talent. 

All of the above should show how powerful a strong Instagram account is and why it's so important to know what to post, when to post and how to increase your Instagram account with genuine, engaged followers. 

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