Branding Your Freelance Business

Faye Brown

Course Description

2 key exercises to define your freelance business and brand. Upon completing the course you will understand who your target market is and reflect this with your brand identity. You will have written a brand mission statement that will form the foundations of your overall brand identity. This will assist you in either designing your own logo or compiling a brief for a graphic designer.

The course is tailored to creative freelancers and is delivered in an engaging and visual manner. Throughout the course, you will be asked to complete tasks that you can action into your freelance business immediately so that you're learning and doing simultaneously. Should you feel overwhelmed by branding or unsure how to brand your freelance business, this course is for you.

The Expert

Faye Brown is a UK based designer with over 15 years experience in motion graphics, illustration and branding. After studying for a degree in Graphic Design at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth she pursued a career in broadcast graphics - designing title sequences, commercials and DVD menus. Clients included BBC, ITV, The Discovery Channel and O2.

For the past 6 years Faye has been a freelance designer working on a variety of branding, illustration and animation projects. She also teaches online classes in typography, design and branding.